Fire (Scotland) Act 2006 for Non-Domestic Premises

Part 3 of the above Act requires those with responsibilities - such as owners, employers, employees, managers and other occupiers - to take steps to prevent and reduce the impact of fire even if they have never previously held such responsibilities.

The new legal duties imposed by the legislation seek to achieve safety through seven general requirements because no-one can afford to be complacent about fire safety as complacency kills.

The Scottish Government want to make sure that every building in Scotland is as safe as it can be.

  1. Carrying out a fire safety risk assessment of the premises.
  2. Identifying the fire safety measures necessary as a result of the fire safety risk assessment outcome.
  3. Implementing these fire safety measures using risk reduction principles.
  4. Putting in place fire safety arrangements for the ongoing control and review of the fire safety measures.
  5. Complying additionally with the specific requirements of the fire safety regulations.
  6. Keeping the fire safety risk assessment and outcome under review.
  7. Record keeping.

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